New Patient Update, Thursday September 17


Dear Residents,

There are currently 34 verified patients throughout Efrat.

Over the last few hours we have been informed that Dekel resident Matan Amitzur has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Out of a desire to stop the chain of infection he has agreed to publish his name. Matan Amitsur teaches at the Orot Etzion boys' school and the Shvut Yisrael yeshiva.

Students in these classes who need to go into isolation have received personal messages from the school.

On Shabbat, September 12, he attended Shacharit in the minyan on the stairs between Netzach Yerushalayim 20-22, and he read Torah at the 18:00 minyan.

All prayers were held in an open area.

A substitute teacher who taught in the 7th grade tikshoret class at the Orot Etzion girls' school has also been diagnosed. The girls have gone into isolation until September 28th. Notices were sent out by the school.

It was reported yesterday that Ari Erdfarb prayed at "Reshit Deganecha", however this information is incorrect and we apologize for the mistake. Ari prayed in an outdoor minyan on Omer Street.

Questions and clarifications regarding isolation guidelines can be obtained at the Ministry of Health's hotline *5400.

We wish all patients a complete and speedy recovery.

We will update as things develop,

The Public Information Team