Update - Guidelines for Closure

Update - Guidelines for Closure

Dear Residents,

We have received many questions concerning the upcoming period of closure.

We are trying to answer everyone to the best of our ability, but unfortunately we sometimes encounter a lack of knowledge, indecision, and conflicting guidance.

We share your confusion and frustration, and we hope you understand that we can only stop the spread of infection and reduce the number of patients by adhering to instructions, maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, and avoiding public gatherings. Make sure you follow these guidelines, especially in the various synagogues and minyanim, and avoid unnecessary travel during the closure.

The Israel Police has announced that it will enforce the closure, and we encourage everyone to avoid unpleasantness and adhere to the guidelines.

During the holidays, council staff will continue to assist patients and their families, investigate patient routes, and publish the routes.

We recommended that every home have an available telephone that can receive messages.

Instructions from Rabbi Riskin have been sent out by the Gabbaim.

You can call the security center at any time *5436, and we will make sure to get back to you.

We ask residents who receive a positive diagnosis to contact us through the security center, *5436, so that we can investigate and notify others who need to isolate.

The operating hours of the post office have been reduced - on Friday the branch will be closed, and on Monday through Thursday it will be open until 13:00.

On Chol Hamoed Sukkot it will be open only on Sunday and Monday.

Many Efrat residents will spend the holiday in isolation, and we send them love and strength. We wish all patients a speedy recovery.

Thanks to the amazing team of volunteers and council employees. We are grateful and privileged to live and work in a place where communal responsibility and helping others are not just slogans.

Shana Tovah,

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team