New Patient Update for Friday, Erev Rosh Hashanah, September 18th


Dear Residents,

In the last few hours we have learned about 8 new patients in Efrat. At this time the count stands at 41 verified patients.

Gavriel Starr, from the 9th grade at Orot Yehuda, and Kobi Starr from the 12th grade at Orot Yehuda agreed to reveal their names and routes, and we thank them for that.

Grades ט’2 and ט’3 and יב’2 must go into isolation until September 27

On September 10th Kobi traveled on the 369 bus at 15:22 in the direction of Malcha from Matityahu HaKohen. He sat three rows in front of the back door on the driver's side. He was wearing a mask.

He traveled on the 369 bus at 20:04 from the Central Bus Station to Matityahu HaCohen. He sat on the driver's side, wearing a mask.

On Friday September 11th, around 21:40, he was at the skate park with some friends and with a Chabad emissary from the Dagan neighborhood.

Another resident who agreed to reveal his name is Edo Pollack from the Zayit.

With the exception of a basketball game with friends on September 13 at the Zayit court, Edo had no further public contacts. The other new patients underwent investigation, and personal contacts were given to those concerned. There were no further public contacts.

According to the guidelines of the Religious Council, we will continue to monitor new patients during the holiday (hopefully there will be none), and we will send updates if necessary.

We wish all patients a complete and speedy recovery,

Shana Tovah to the entire Efrat community,

Be strong!

Shabbat Shalom and Blessed,

The Public Information Team