Update on new patients, Shabbat Rosh Hashana 5791, 18.9


Dear residents,

During the night we learned about 4 new patients in Efrat, members of one family from the Geffen neighborhood.

We thank the parents and students Shmuel Yitzhak Cohen from the 8th grade of the educator Rabbi Gadi Cohen in Orot Etzion Banim.

According to Emuna Cohen, 7th grade of educator Ilana Bedner in Orot Etzion Girls

David Cohen in grade 3 bet, of educator Bracha Daum from the junior division.

Who agreed to publish their names to help cut off the infection.

A contact investigation of the brothers' with the Cohen family shows that:

Eighth grade students in Orot Etzion Boys and 2nd grade in the junior division will enter isolation until Sunday, September 27.

7th grade 1 of the educators Ilana Bedner in Orot Etzion Girls will go into isolation until Friday 25.9 Ofek students who studied on Wednesday 9.9 with Emuna will go into isolation until Wednesday 23.9.

In addition, Ezra's students from the Nahliel group (Shichva 7), girls who were present at "Emuna" last Saturday, will go into isolation until 26.9.

Ezra students from the Nahliel Group (Shichva 8 Boys who were with Shmuel Yitzhak on Sunday will enter solitary confinement until Sunday 27.9

Another daughter of the Cohen family - without public contacts.

In addition, everyone who participated last Saturday night at the Bar Mitzvah party of the Cohen Zivia and Zalman family, which was attended by Shmuel Yitzhak, is asked to enter isolation until Saturday evening, September 26.

Due to the challenges of conveying messages of who must enter isolation on Saturdays and holidays, we ask everyone who receives the message to deliver it in the various synagogues and qroups so that the message will be distributed to as many residents as possible.

According to the guidelines of the Religious Council, we will continue to monitor new patients during the holiday, and we will continue to send updates.

We wish all the patients a complete and speedy recovery.

May we hear only good news.

Shabbat Shalom

Public information team