Patients Update, Tuesday, September 22nd, at 18:00


Dear Residents,

There are now 64 verified patients in Efrat. This is the number that we reached during the first wave, and unfortunately it seems that it will continue to rise over the next few days.

We request that everyone adhere to the government guidelines and avoid non-essential travel, wear masks, maintain social distance, and avoid crowds. Strict adherence to guidelines will reduce exposure to the virus and stop the chain of infection.

The following patients have agreed to reveal their names and routes:

Miriam Amitzur and her son, Nadav Amitsur, from the Dekel neighborhood. Nadav is a student in Gan Hever. A message about isolation was sent to all the parents.

On Wednesday, September 16, Nadav attended soccer practice at the Tamar from 16:15 - 17:15. Parents of the other participants are asked to contact the Ministry of Health's hotline - *5400 to receive individual instructions.

Amital Gibor, a Geffen resident, has tested positive, so Aseh Chayil students in Ayelet Glatt’s capsule of ה’5 must enter isolation. Messages have been sent out through the school. Amital also participated in Shevat Nevatim activities at the Geffen branch, so all the madrichim and kids must enter isolation until September 29th.

Shlomo Hauser, a resident of Dekel, traveled on September 15th and 16th on the 369 bus to Jerusalem at 8:00 (boarding at the Dekel station). He returned to Efrat at 17:00 on the 369 bus.

An 11th grade student at Neve Shmuel has tested positive, so the 11th grade students who participated in the activities during Shabbat Nitzavim/Vayelech must go into isolation until Saturday evening, September 26th. Messages were sent to the students and staff.

Due to a verified patient from the Dagan (whose class is already in isolation), Orot Etzion boys in grades 5-8 who traveled by bus on September 13th in the morning (the bus goes directly from Dagan to the school) and in the afternoon (a bus to the Zayit and Dagan) must stay in isolation until September 26th.

Gan Maayan - The epidemiological investigation has concluded, and it was determined that the isolation must be extended for another day.

Moked Efrat, the Efrat security center, now has a new number - * 5436

Store this number in your phone for easy use!

The Moked is at your service at all times, in routine and emergency situations.

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team