Daily Update, Thursday September 24th at 19:00


Dear Residents,

According to the government's decision, starting tomorrow, Friday, September 25th, the State of Israel will enter another full closure.

The distance restriction still stands at 1 km.

Synagogues will close, and prayer will be held outdoors for up to 20 people, except on Yom Kippur when limited prayer will be allowed inside.

Grocery stores, makolets, and the pharmacy will be open - operating hours are listed on the Council website.

Public transport will be reduced - for information about lines and schedules call *8787.

Solo sports activities are allowed.

Workers are permitted to enter.

Efrat's outstanding array of volunteers are working around the clock. Would you like to join the effort? Fill out the attached form:


Need help? Let us know here:


The psychological services hotline is available to offer guidance and assistance on Sundays-Thursdays from 08:00-20:00 at 02-9939333.

Moked Efrat, the Efrat Security Center, is available for you anytime at *5436.

The problem with receiving messages in the app has been fixed, please go to the app store for the update.

Remember, the outcome is in our hands!

Avoid gatherings, adhere to the guidelines, and we will reduce the number of infections and return to routine!

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team