Update for Friday September 25th at 16:00


Dear Residents,

Currently, there are 71 verified corona patients in Efrat.

Since yesterday, 5 new patients were added and 11 have recovered.

4 of the 5 new patients were infected from a nuclear family member.

The Council’s investigation team conducted inquiries for all patients, and personal contacts have been notified. There are no public implications.

Today at 14:00 the strict closure restrictions went into effect. It is permitted to leave the house up to a distance of 1000 meters, but gatherings of any kind are prohibited.

In preparation for Shabbat and Yom Kippur, we would like to clarify a number of issues that have all been approved by the rabbis of the religious council

1. Residents who have been tested but have not received results are asked to be immediately available so that they can receive the result which may come during the Shabbat/Chag.

2. Residents who receive a positive answer during Shabbat/Chag are asked to notify Moked Efrat at *5436 and to remain available.

3. An investigator from the Council's Team may want to conduct an inquiry during Shabbat/Chag so that we can inform close contacts about the need for isolation.

4. We recommend that every home have at least one mobile device available during Shabbat and Chag. A text message will be sent if necessary, in addition to the regular published messages.

The Neighborhood Teams and all employees of the Council’s corona team are prepared to continue working during Shabbat, chagim, and closure to prevent the spread of the virus in Efrat. Staff and volunteers are on call around the clock to serve the community.

The days of closure are an opportunity for all of us to significantly reduce the rate of infection. Success is in our hands - it requires self-discipline! If we adhere to the instructions, maintain social distance, wear masks, and practice good hygiene we will beat the virus,

We'll keep you updated,

Shabbat Shalom,

The Public Information Team