Daily Update for Sunday September 27th at 12:00


Dear Residents,

During Shabbat, 10 more patients were diagnosed, and 4 patients recovered. The number of verified patients stands at 76.

We thank the residents who have agreed to publish their names, and we wish them a complete recovery:

Adina Landau, resident of the Rimon.

Gail Berman, resident of the Te’ena.

Yoav Rosenblatt, resident of the Dekel.

A verified patient prayed in the Nahalat Ofir synagogue - the synagogue's Gabai was notified.

All patients were investigated, and personal contacts were notified.

Gan Sorek went into isolation following a sick staff member. Notices were sent out through the gan staff.

We remind you that a parent who enters isolation with a child is subject to all the rules of isolation: they may not leave the house or exchange their position with the other parent or another adult during the isolation period.

Attached are a number of recommendations made in consultation with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Oded Revivi, and senior physicians:

Be sure to drink plenty of water before the fast.

Anyone who takes medication should consult with their personal physician on how to proceed.

For minyanim in open areas, it is recommended to start early so that everyone can be home between the hours of 11:00-17:00.

Each minyan should be prepared with a first aid kit, water bottles and a cell phone.

MDA and emergency personnel at the medical center are on call.

The elderly and those who are sick or feel weak are advised to pray at home.

Anyone who feels ill during Yom Kippur should go home, and if necessary dial 101 for medical assistance.

The attached link contains laws for the sick and isolated, issued by the Chief Rabbinate:


For any security issue, call the Moked at *5436

Shaar HaBiyar will close today at 14:00 and reopen on Tuesday morning.

On Chol HaMoed, workers will be permitted to enter as usual.

We remind residents who have been tested and are waiting for results to leave a cell phone on throughout Yom Kippur in case you need to be contacted.

If you haven't yet bought your Lulav and Etrog, we encourage you to help the Efrat youth to reach their goal of selling 1000 sets. All proceeds go to charity - Click here to purchase:


On behalf of the council's employees and volunteers, we wish you a Gmar Chatima Tovah,

The Public Information Team