Daily Update, Motzei Yom Kippur evening, September 28th at 21:00


Dear Residents,

Yom Kippur passed without any unusual events in our sector.

There are currently 76 verified patients in Efrat. During the holiday, 4 new residents received a positive answer and 9 residents recovered.

Out of a desire to interrupt the chain of infection, Sharon Levinstein, a Zayit resident, agreed to publish her name. We thank her and wish her and all the patients a complete and full recovery.

Residents who were in contact with Sharon after September 14th should go into isolation for 14 days from the last point of contact.

Special education classes will run tomorrow as scheduled, except for Derech Avot, which will have distance learning this week.

We remind you that the Moked is always available to you at *5436.

May you be signed and sealed in the book of life,

The Public Information Team