Update for Tuesday, September 29th at 16:45


Dear Residents,

There are currently 69 verified patients in Efrat. 9 patients have recovered in the past day.

The data that we have is consistent with the data from the Kupot Cholim, and there are currently no gaps in our information. We want to take this opportunity to thank the representatives of the Kupot Cholim for sharing their data on the number of patients in Efrat.

Today we learned of one new verified patient who has agreed to publish his name: Chaim Barbie, from the Tamar neighborhood. Chaim had no public contacts in Efrat. Personal contacts have been notified.

A special education staff member who teaches in Efrat has also tested positive. 4 students have gone into isolation. Messages were sent to the parents.

The number of verified patients throughout Gush Etzion stands at approximately 100. In Beitar, there are approximately 1,000.

Since most of the laboratories were not open on Yom Kippur, very few test results were received last night and this morning. We expect that many people will receive their results tomorrow, and we are preparing accordingly.

As of this morning, all synagogue buildings in Efrat are closed in accordance with the restrictions of the closure. Prayer is only allowed in open areas with up to 20 peopl. Prayer inside synagogue buildings is prohibited.

Many residents have inquired about the lack of public transportation in Efrat during the closure. We consulted with Egged, and they explained that most of the drivers are on chalat (furlough) in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Transportation. There is almost no intercity transportation, and Line 44, which passes between the settlements in Gush Etzion, has been reduced.

Attached is a link that allows you to check the frequency of the Efrat bus lines:


We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team