Update for Thursday, October 1st at 17:30


Dear Residents,

There are currently 64 verified patients in Efrat, they are divided into 36 families.

Over the course of the day 5 patients recovered and 6 new patients were diagnosed.

All verified residents have been investigated by the Council team. Private contacts have been notified, and no public implications have been discovered.

Due to the increase in the rate of infection, the government has imposed additional restrictions and increased fines. All residents of Israel are asked to spend Sukkot with their nuclear family only! This means that no one is permitted to host or be a guest. The Israel Police will enforce these guidelines, and they may impose fines of up to NIS 500 per guest.

The synagogue buildings have also been closed, and prayers will be held in open areas only, with up to 20 people.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin wishes to remind all the residents of Efrat of the importance of following all the Ministry of Health guidelines regarding Corona. Despite the difficulty, no one should visit the sukkahs of friends or relatives.

During Sukkot some council employees will be on vacation. The Council departments will not be answering phones. Essential services will be provided. And Moked Efrat, *5436 will operate as usual.

The Council's corona headquarters, which includes the social services division, and the investigation, translation, and public information teams, will continue to work throughout the holiday. Patient updates and regular updates will be published as needed.

Entry of of workers and construction during the holiday:

Unlike in previous years, work permits have been issued at construction sites for work during Chol Hamoed. The Council approved this decision in order to use this time to catch up from the deficits created by the Corona crisis. We apologize in advance for any disruption this may cause.

The Council's website lists businesses that are open during Sukkot. We also recommend that you visit the Matnas website to learn about the variety of activities that are running throughout sukkot, in accordance with the guidelines.

On behalf of all Council members and employees, we wish all the residents of Efrat a Chag Sameach.

We will update again when necessary,

The Public Information Team