Update for Sunday, October 4th at 16:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 60 verified patients in Efrat divided amongst 38 families. Yesterday 5 new patients were diagnosed, and 6 recovered. Unfortunately, there are 2 patients who have been hospitalized. We wish all patients a complete and speedy recovery.

Data from the Ministry of Health shows that during Chag, only a third of the usual number of tests were performed. The number of patients at the national level has decreased accordingly, and this morning we stand at 2,557 verified infections.

Regarding the continuation of construction work in Efrat, we would like to emphasize that the council has no authority to intervene in the matter of workers entering the town.

1. The State of Israel has deviated from its usual stance, determining that the construction and renovation industry can continue to operate even during closure, in order to promote infrastructure and close gaps created as a result of the situation.

2. In contrast to previous years when the army imposed a closure on the settlements during holidays, this year no such closure was imposed, and workers with appropriate permits are allowed to enter the settlements to work.

3. There are many projects and private renovations in progress, and due to the uncertainty of the corona crisis, contractors and individuals are trying to continue working for as long as possible. Projects have already been delayed by several months, and before the holiday we received many inquiries from people who wanted the work to continue.

4. This is a challenging balancing act that requires consideration for those who are celebrating and for those who wish to work/renovate. We recommend having conversations with homeowners/contractors in order to try and find a compromise.

Workers will be permitted entry during Chol Hamoed from 08:30-16:30.

On Erev Chag workers will not be allowed to enter.

Moadim L'simcha,

The Public Information Team