Update for Wednesday, October 7th at 18:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 36 verified patients in Efrat divided amongst 27 families. 2 residents are hospitalized, one of them in critical condition.

Following the diagnosis of a student who does not live in Efrat, Aseh Chayil students in ח’2 must enter isolation until October 15th. Parents and staff received personal messages.

We wish a complete and speedy recovery to all patients.

We are grateful that the national rate of infection seems to be declining, however we are concerned about the upcoming holidays. The communal nature of Hoshana Rabbah and Simchat Torah has the potential to endanger us all, causing widespread infection as we have seen in the past.

The customs of gathering in synagogue for hakafot, dancing, and kiddush cannot take place this year. In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and on the instructions of the rabbis of all circles, this year we will celebrate differently:

Online Torah classes are being organized for Hoshana Rabbah night in order to minimize gatherings.

Minyanim can be held in open areas with no more than 20 people - without capsules. (This is a clear directive from the Ministry of Health that was not clearly defined on the Home Front Command website).

Singing and dancing can take place separately, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters between people.

The number and the length of hakafot will be limited due to the heat.

Distribution of candy bags must be pre arranged for the children to enjoy at home.

There will be no gatherings, no kiddushes or communal meals, no eating or drinking together, and no joint contact with the Torahs or other religious articles.

Everyone must wear a mask, maintain distance, and practice good hygiene.

Please take care of yourself, your community, and all the residents of Efrat.

Remember that the ability to celebrate the holidays without spreading infection is our responsibility and is in our control!

As of now, the general closure imposed on the State of Israel has been extended until October, 13th.

We have begun to receive information about the organization of private early childhood services and nurseries. We want to emphasize that these services are contrary to the guidelines.

We will update accordingly In the event of any changes to the guidelines for Hoshana Rabbah and Simchat Torah.

May we soon merit a healthy return to the routines and holiday customs that we all miss,

Chag Sameach,

The Public Information Team