Update for Wednesday, October 14th at 16:00


Dear Residents,

Efrat currently has 23 verified patients divided amongst 18 families, including 10 soldiers. The hospitalized patients have been released, and all the patients are in various stages of recovery. We wish them all good health.

The declining trend in the number of patients stems primarily from the one-month countrywide closure, and from a change in the way we define recovering, that allows family doctors to list patients as ‘recovering’ in a relatively short time.

During Sukkot there were no serious violations of the closure guidelines, despite the difficulty of hosting minyanim in the street. The reduction in the number of patients we are seeing today shows how important it is to comply with the guidelines.

After numerous complaints about guideline violations at the sports fields throughout Efrat, it was decided to lock the fields until the guidelines are changed. We are closely following any changes in the guidelines, and we will reopen the sports fields as soon as possible.

Department of Education: Special education frameworks continue to operate, and babysitters have been arranged for the children of teaching staff. We are preparing for the partial return of the ganim next week - although no decisions have been made regarding the exact date when they will reopen. We are following the decisions of the Corona Cabinet, and we will keep you updated.

Department of Social Services: The social workers and staff of the Senior Division continue to provide guidance and assistance via telephone and zoom. We are also making home visits when necessary. We are looking for additional ways to communicate with the aging population, and we would be happy to hear your suggestions.

We are also continuing to maintain our relationship with parents of special needs children, giving them an opportunity to be heard.

Women's mikvahs: Starting this coming weekend, an appointment must be made in advance using the site www.efratmikvah.org even for immersion on Erev Shabbat and holidays.

Matnas: The Efrat TV project continues to gain momentum. Every day, a schedule is published on the Matnas website, which includes sports activities, prayers and classes for children and adults. All programs are free!

We invite you to join the WhatsApp group to receive information about the events taking place in Efrat. You can join using the following link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/9wII2oQqfX52INUL6nyzxf

The Youth Department is offering guidance to families who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the corona crisis. To take advantage of this program, please fill out the attached questionnaire:https://ctconnect.co.il/forms/form...

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team