Update for Friday, October 16th at 16:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 24 verified patients in Efrat.

We recently learned that a resident of the Zayit who has tested positive had donated blood at the Tzur Hagai Hall on Sunday, October 11th, between the hours of 18:15-19:50. After consulting with the Ministry of Health and the authorities at MDA, it was agreed that MDA would personally update anyone who needs to go into isolation and/or get tested.

Staff and donors who were in the building during these hours are asked to pay attention to their symptoms and consult with the family doctor if necessary.

Reminder: As part of the fight against the coronavirus, the Home Front Command in Efrat will open the Corona Testing Center on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 20th and 21st between 12:00-20:00 in the Youth Center Building in the Te’ena.

The center will allow anyone who wants to get tested - there is no need for a referral from a doctor, and no need to make an appointment. Residents can get tested even if they do not have symptoms.

It is important for residents to get tested so that we can get a true and up-to-date picture of how many residents may be carrying the virus and unknowingly spreading it. Early detection will help all of us keep Efrat a green city.

PLease note that if you are tested at the testing center you need not enter into isolation unless you receive a positive result.

We will continue to update you,

Shabbat Shalom,

The Public Information Team