Daily Update for Sunday October 18th at 18:30


Dear Residents,

The government has decided to restrict teaching staff and assistants from red cities from coming to work in Efrat. The Education Department and the Matnas are working to find enough employees who are licensed to work in ganim and tzaharonim to overcome the shortage of dozens of assistants and educational workers who cannot come to work.

We are grateful that their hard work will allow us to open most of the ganim in Efrat tomorrow.

The plan is to open all the ganim as soon as we are able to fill all the employee gaps.

A detailed update will be sent by 20:00.

We are continuing to work on the tzahronim. The workforce gaps are significant, and we currently do not have enough staff to open them all. We will continue to update you.

Transportation to mechinot and kindergartens will not run at this stage.

Maon Emunah - since 90 percent of the workforce in Maon Emunah come from red cities, they are unable to open the Maonot at this time.

All special education frameworks are continuing to operate as usual, including transportation.

Currently there are 26 verified patients divided amongst 20 families in Erat. Despite the easing of the closure, we are now seeing an increase in the spread of infection, and over the weekend we moved from a green city to a yellow city. In a small place like Efrat, the transition happens quickly, and the danger of becoming a red city is palpable.

Please remember that things are not back to normal!

Over Shabbat we understand that large minyanim and significant crowds gathered together. With the gradual opening of the economy that began today, and the return of the ganim tomorrow, we are afraid of a recurring increase in the number of infections and the incidence of isolation. We therefore ask you not to take the guidelines lightly.

The following restrictions are still in effect:

It is forbidden to pray inside a building. Minyanim are permitted in open spaces only, with up to 20 people.

Large gatherings are forbidden, even in open spaces only up to 20 people are permitted.

It is forbidden to open businesses that receive customers.

Everyone must wear a mask and keep distance.

As of today, the sports fields in Efrat have been opened, but only solitary sports are permitted.

Please be careful and avoid crowds.

We would like to add a few important recommendations that can protect us all while we try to maintain our routines during this time of corona.

1. "Bubbles" - Choose a limited and fixed number of people that you and your children can meet with in closed spaces. Make sure these people are careful and that they follow the guidelines.

2. Avoid meetings in enclosed spaces, if you must attend a meeting, make sure that the number of attendees is limited.

3. Avoid gatherings even if they are in open areas. Keep a distance and wear your mask even in the open.

4. Be sure to meet with elderly relatives regularly, but in an open area such as a yard or garden, while wearing a mask and adhering to the guidelines.

If you have more recommendations on how to create a safe routine, please share them with us!

We will send another update by 20:00.

Chodesh Tov,

The Public Information Team