Ganim Update for Sunday, October 18th at 20:20


Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that at this time, after hard work by the Department of Education,30 ganim will open tomorrow morning in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.

Unfortunately the following ganim are still lacking in staff, and we are continuing to try to find solutions so that they, too can open tomorrow: Telem in the Dagan, Shikma and Shani in the Tamar. A message will be sent to the parents of these ganim in the coming hours.


Tomorrow, 7 tzaharonim will open: Ayalon and El-Al (in the Zayit), Arbel, Keshet, and Tanim (in Tamar), Hadas and Shoval (in the Dagan).

4 tzaharonim will not open because they do not meet the conditions for the number of children (Peleg, Ashalim, Snir, and Tamar),

3 more tzaharonim will not open, as the morning gan did not open. We are preparing to open them on Tuesday - a notice will be sent separately.

3 additional tzaharonim (Basor, Dolev, and Netafim) are not opening at this stage due to lack of staff.

According to the guidelines of the Ministries of Education and Health, the staff will wear masks during school hours.

Please remember that a child who does not feel well should not attend gan!

Together we will develop a routine without increasing infection.

This week, the Home Front Command's testing center will open! Details are listed on earlier Facebook posts.