Update for Tuesday, October 20th at 19:30

Dear Residents,

There are now 21 verified patients in Efrat. No new patients have been identified in the last 48 hours.

Today at 12:00 the Home Front Command testing center opened in Efrat at the Mateh Noar in the Te’ena. As of now, over 270 residents have been tested. The center will also be open tomorrow from 12:00 - 20:00, and we recommend that you get tested to help keep Efrat a green city. Please remember to bring your teudat zehut. There is no need to make an appointment, and there is no need to get a referral from your doctor.

The testing center is not open to people who are in isolation.

The government has decided to remove restrictions from red cities whose situation has improved, and therefore all of the Council’s ganim will open tomorrow. In accordance with the latest guidelines, all educational staff and caregivers are required to wear masks.

The tzaharonim of the Matnas that were open today will also open tomorrow. Due to the restrictions on the number of children permitted and the restriction on combining groups, the required changes are being made in the Matnas, and the staff is preparing for a full opening on Thursday. Parents will be updated individually.

Maon Emunah will open on Thursday. They will spend tomorrow preparing.

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team