Update for Wednesday, October 21st at 16:45


Dear Residents,

At present, there are 20 verified patients in Efrat, divided amongst 15 families.

One new patient was diagnosed. There were no public contacts.

Yesterday, the Home Front Command Testing Center opened in Efrat at the Mateh Noar in the Te’ena. It is still open today until 20:00. Approximately 180 residents have been tested so far. We recommend that all of you come and get tested to keep Efrat a green city. You must bring your teudat zehut, and there is no need to make an appointment or get a referral from a doctor. You may not come to the testing center if you are in isolation.

It is gratifying to see so many residents getting tested, It illustrates the personal and communal responsibility that the people of Efrat feel. Test results should begin arriving today. We hope for as many negative results as possible.

The ganim system opened this morning as expected. Restrictions have been removed from cities that have improved from their red status. We welcome back all employees! All education staff will continue to adhere to the procedures, wearing masks or protective shields, and filling out daily health declarations.

We recommend that all education staff get tested in Efrat today, or later this week in other locations. Contact the Education Department for details: 029939330

This coming Friday, October 23rd, the ganim in Efrat will be closed, except for the special education ganim which will operate as usual.

Starting next week - all ganim will go back to the normal schedule, including Fridays.

Tzaharonim - During the day, the Matnas workers re-arranged the tzaharon frameworks in order to successfully meet the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

All tzaharonim are scheduled to open tomorrow. Individual messages were sent to parents regarding placement.

The management of Maon Emunah stated that they will open fully tomorrow.

Youth and Seniors: Since everyone is sick of zoom, teens and seniors have begun meeting face-to-face while strictly adhering to the guidelines and limitations.

Face-to-face meetings have also begun for madrichim and students in seventh grade and up, and in the Sheinfeld Center programs.

Public transportation: As of Sunday October 25th, the Cinema City bus stop will be ended. The first stop from Jerusalem in the direction of Gush Etzion will be Binyanei HaUma..

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team