Daily Update for Wednesday, October 28th at 15:00


Dear Residents,

At the moment, there are 6 verified patients in Efrat. This morning a new patient was diagnosed without public ramifications. Private contacts have been notified.

For the past ten days, the kindergartens and daycare centers in Efrat have been operating as usual.

There are currently 5 educational assistants who are in isolation after being exposed to a verified patient. We thank the educational staff who are taking extra care and responsibility to keep everyone safe.

Although we have not yet received official word, the Department of Education and the Council staff are preparing to open schools for grades 1-4 starting this coming Sunday (November 1) in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministries of Education and Health.

Thanks to the hard work of the school administrations and the employees of the Education Department, we are prepared to open the elementary schools in Efrat for five days a week.

All grades 1-4 will learn in capsules of up to 18 students and 3 permanent staff members.

Attached is a detailed table of operating hours in each school.

The schools are also being cleaned in preparation for the students’ return.

We ask that parents please fill out and send in the health statement every morning. This is of crucial importance.

Transportation and Tzaharonim:

There will be no school buses for grades 1-4 on Sunday. We are working to ensure that the transportation system will run for optimal student safety.

At this time, the outline for tzaharonim for grades 1-2 allows for only 1-3 capsules. We are re-examining whether the tzaharonim can open. Parents of children in grades 1-2 who are interested in after-school programs are asked to register at the following link


The tzaharonim for the ganim and the transportation for special education students will operate as usual.

Please make sure that students who belong on the regular transportation system do not board busses for the special education students. This could cause overcrowding and be dangerous to the children.

We are in contact with government ministries, and we intend to open any additional educational systems, tzaharonim, and bussing systems that we are permitted to open. We will update accordingly.

Corona testing for education staff and corona testing centers for the general public:

In preparation for the return of grades 1-4, all education staff is encouraged to get tested before Sunday. Testing will take place starting today, Wednesday October 28th, through Saturday, October 31st. The tests can be performed in the following places:

1. Home Front Command Testing Centers: https://www.oref.org.il/12605-17147-he/Pakar.aspx

You can make an appointment in advance by calling *3101.

2. At the Kupat Cholim - an appointment must be made in advance through the kuppah.

In addition, the kupot cholim testing centers are also open to the general public for the purpose of performing as many tests as possible.

Starting this week - the traffic light color of each city will also be determined by the amount of tests that the residents have performed.

As of today, Efrat is green. The more tests we perform, the more likely it is that we will be able to stay green.

We recommend and request that you get tested! This is how we will protect older residents, students, neighbors and friends. This is how we will protect ourselves and those around us, and this is how we will keep Efrat green!

Please note - these elective tests do not require a referral and you will not need to isolate unless you test positive.

We will continue to publish lists of testing centers.

In accordance with the restrictions of the Ministry of Health, the youth have begun to meet in capsules of up to 20 kids in open areas. We all understand the importance of face to face social encounters.

Efrat Residents,

Please remember that we will beat the virus only if we continue to follow the guidelines.

We are all in this together - please continue to act with self discipline and communal responsibility. Together we will succeed!

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team