Update for Sunday November 8th at 17:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 8 verified patients in Efrat. The number of patients increased on Shabbat when we learned that four members of one family tested positive.

All four members of the family - including 3 children in educational settings in Efrat - were investigated by the Council teams, and there are no private or public contacts.

Although this case has no public implications, much can be learned about the guidelines and recommendations of the Ministry of Health:

The four family members performed an initial test and immediately went into isolation for 10 days. The tests came back negative. They performed another test this past weekend, after having been in isolation for 11 days, and the tests came back positive.

Because the family strictly observed the isolation guidelines, and because they had gotten tested earlier, the Ministry of Health has concluded that no one else needs to enter isolation, and the educational systems can continue as usual.

We reiterate that if you are in isolation, you must stick to the rules until your isolation is over. If you are exposed to the virus, we recommend that you go into isolation and wait approximately 4 days before getting tested.

A busdriver for special education transportation has been diagnosed. After an extensive epidemiological investigation, the Ministry of Health decided that it was not necessary for the 9 students on the bus to go into isolation, as the bus was not full, the driver work a mask and maintained distance, and the windows were open.

We wish the driver and all the patients a complete and speedy recovery.

Today, the transportation system for grades 1-4 resumed operation. Approximately 50% of eligible students rode the busses today. We suspect that many parents chose alternate transportation so as to avoid the possibility of going into isolation.

As of this morning, following the revised guidelines approved by the Corona Cabinet, the street shops were opened with some restrictions, and educational activities in outdoor settings are allowed in groups of up to 19 participants, while wearing masks, and maintaining distance and good hygiene.

Madrichim and kids in Bnei Akiva have begun preparations for Chodesh Irgun, that will take place this year in an adapted format due to corona: activities will take place outdoors, in capsules of up to 19 participants, and registration is required.

Recently the Moked has received reports of people asking for charity who do not have the customary permits.

As of today, the Religious Council has renewed their permits, and they are looking into these cases.

Be sure to ask those seeking charity if they have the latest permit.

We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team