You may have to stay in your safe space for several minutes, or you may have a longer stay of hours or days.
To make your stay more pleasant, we recommend outfitting the space with the following equipment:
Communication devices that will help you stay up to date (computer, TV, battery operated radio)
Cell phone, with backup battery / mobile charger.
3 liters of bottled water for each person per one day. It is recommended to have water for three days.
Food in closed packages, such as cans and snacks
Emergency lighting (LED), flashlight and batteries
First aid kit, medication
Fire extinguisher
Copies of important documents, medical documents, regularly used prescriptions, identification, personal and financial documents
A bag with personal items in case evacuation is required.
Phone list of emergency organizations, family members, and neighbors.
Toys, games, books 
 Additional items that are specific to the needs of your family (medicines, diapers, baby food)

For more details, visit the Home Front Command website.