In stormy weather, the chance of an accident increases and travel should be minimized. Maintaining safety rules and driving properly can save lives. Please, drive carefully!

Reminders for driving in stormy weather:
Make sure your lights are on.
Adjust your speed to road and visibility conditions, especially when making turns.
Do not make sudden stops, and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
Avoid any distractions, such as using your cell phone or engaging with children in the back.
It is forbidden to stop at the side of the road, please stop only at designated locations.
If you have no choice but to stop, pull over safely and call the Police at 100

If you are in an accident -  Call the security center immediately (1-700-70-5000) or MDA and tell them your location and the condition of the wounded.

For road information - Call the "Traffic Updates" center at 02-9939377, or download the Efrat app and mark "Traffic updates" in areas of interest.