Water is an essential resource for the ongoing needs of the residents of Israel and Efrat.
Many local and national resources are invested to provide a continuous, safe supply of water to residents.

However, the Council and residents must be prepared for an emergency that could disrupt or shut down the water supply. This kind of emergency can occur without warning, or during a time of war or natural disaster.

In the event of a water crisis, the Efrat Local Council is prepared to provide solutions which will be published in the various forms of media. We also ask residents to prepare accordingly.

Guidelines for water use are affected by the nature of the malfunction or damage caused to the water systems.

Guidelines fall into two main situations:
1. Fault in the water supply - there is no problem with using the water but we must reduce our use due to a fault in the supply (avoid showers, watering gardens, and washing vehicles).
2. Water quality problem - using the water is strictly forbidden! Follow the guidelines, which will be published.

We recommend that residents keep two 6 packs of water in their homes in case of emergency.