The Resilience Center is a professional-organizational tool that allows authorities to prepare and provide a communal response during an emergency, and to develop and strengthen communal resilience during periods of calm.

Social resilience is measured by the community's ability to take action to improve the personal and shared ability of its residents and institutions in a period of economic or social change.

A resilient community enables family, social, and communal life to function healthily even in times of crisis.

During periods of calm, the Center’s activities include:

Improving and strengthening the resilience and cohesion of the Council.

Preparing and developing emergency services that will enable effective coping during routine and emergency situations.

Developing social resilience: training emergency volunteers and community leaders, offering community guidance, providing workshops for various communities, and more.

During an emergency:

The Resilience Center operates a psychosocial emergency system, adapting the response to the affected population.

The Center provides an initial therapeutic response to victims of shock, trauma, and anxiety, and continues to provide individual and family guidance and treatment as needed.

The Center holds workshops and activities for educators, volunteers, parents, children, youth, seniors, and other groups in accordance with the needs that arise from the community during emergencies.

The Resilience Center regularly strives to adapt and develop appropriate responses and services to the changing needs of residents.

Please contact us with any questions, requests or initiatives!

The Treatment Center in Gush Etzion is located in Efrat, with branches in Tekoa, Beitar, and Givah Tzehuba.

The Center provides counseling, guidance, and diagnostic and treatment services to families, children, adults, and the elderly, who are in situations of stress and crisis.

Individual, family, and group treatment is available as needed, at no charge!

The Center provides:

Individual psychotherapeutic treatment for children, adolescents, parents, adults, and the elderly.

Verbal and nonverbal psychological treatments

Therapy for families and couples, and/or parent and group coaching

The professional staff:

Michal Ben Shalom - Director
Abigail Segal Ben Ami - Clinical Coordinator
Yisraela Shrikki - Secretary

How to contact us:

Address - 1 Boaz Street, Efrat
02-9939378 from 8:30-15:30

You can contact us at this link.

Click here to see our Facebook page, which includes practical materials for emergencies, a booklet for mental first aid, and videos for children in stressful situations.