If the ground begins to shake, quickly head towards a safe place such as an open area, security room, or stairwell.
Try to take your rescue bag with you, but do not delay in getting to a safe place.

When the earthquake has stopped, wait a few minutes in case of aftershocks, and then check the damage around you.

* Leave the building and be sure to stay in open areas, away from damaged buildings and electrical cables.
* Take your family emergency kit with you.
* Do not light a fire or use electricity of any kind, for fear of an explosion due to a gas leak.
* Listen to the media (use your car radio or battery powered devices) for information and instructions.
If possible, before leaving, disconnect the gas and the main circuit breaker of your home. It is recommended to close the main gas line of the entire building.

Restoring the gas and electricity to the building should only be done by a qualified technician after determining that the gas and electrical systems in the building are in good condition.
Do not enter damaged buildings without the permission of a structural engineer. (Except for search and rescue purposes).

Trapped under rubble:
If there are people trapped under the rubble in your immediate area, call the security center at 1-700-70-5000 and relay information about the number of people and their condition.
If you are trapped under the rubble, try to extricate yourself. Cover your mouth and nose with a garment to protect against dust, and avoid exhausting yourself by shouting. Tap pipes or walls to allow rescuers to locate you. Do not light a fire!
For more details and explanations, visit the Home Front Command website.