Below are the halachic guidelines and instructions so that everyone can kasher items in their own home.

You can use this as an opportunity to teach your children about the laws of kashering utensils.

Abridged Guidelines for Kashering Utensils:

Before you kasher: 

1.    Clean the utensils well, make sure they are free of dirt and rust. If there is a bit of rust on the utensil that is ok.

2.    Once the utensils are clean, do not use them for 24 hours.

How to Kasher:

1.    Chametz is purged in the same manner it was absorbed.

Therefore, utensils that are used with chametz in fire (such as grilling, baking, toasting), must be kashered by Libun (heating). 

Utensils that are used with chametz for boiling in water or with oil (like pots and pans) must be kashered by Hagala (put in boiling water). 

For Hagala: 

Hagala should be done in boiling water that is still on the flame, with the addition of a caustic substance. Or by pouring water from a kettle while the water is still bubbling on to items like cutlery or a kiddush cup.

After hagala, the minhag is to wash the utensil with cold water.

For Libun: 

Libun can be accomplished in an oven, by placing a utensil into the oven and turning the oven to its highest heat for half an hour, (for example, one may do this to a frying pan, as long as its handle is not plastic or rubber, oven grates, etc.) 

2.    The pot used for hagala and the oven used for libun must be kashered before they are used to kasher other items. 

Oven - the over should be cleaned well (with a caustic cleaner) and should not be used for 24 hours prior to libun. Then, turn the oven to its highest heat while it is completely empty for 2 hours. A self cleaning oven should be set to the self cleaning cycle. This process kashers only the oven and not the grates or the trays.

Pots - Choose a large pot, clean it well and do not use it for 24 hours. Fill it with water, and if possible also with a caustic substance, and pace it on the fire until the water boils over the sides.

Kettle - clean well, and do not use it for 24 hours. FIll with water until the maximum line, and turn it on until it boils. 

3.    Based on police directives, there will not be communal kashering this year. 

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