In winter, the number of housefires increases due to additional use of heaters and a higher demand on the electrical system.

To prevent fires, follow these guidelines:
Keep appliances and heaters away from flammable materials such as curtains, clothing, toys, and bedding.
When using gas heaters or a wood burning stove, leave a window open for home ventilation.
It is required to leave the vent in the stairwell ceiling open, to release smoke during a fire.
The stairwells and entrances of the building must be free of objects so that people can get through quickly. 
During a power outage, it is recommended to use emergency lighting with batteries and to avoid lighting candles indoors. 
Install a smoke detector in every bedroom and in the foyer of the bedrooms.
Turn off electrical appliances when you leave the house.
In case of fire, call the fire and rescue center at 102 or the security center 1-700-70-5000. 
During a fire, cut off the electricity to the apartment using the main circuit breaker.
Do not pour water where there is electricity.
Keep family members away from the scene of the fire and listen to the instructions of the firefighters and security personnel.
For more information, visit the Home Front Command website and the Fire and Rescue website.