Dear Residents, 


New, less restrictive guidelines have been published by the Ministry of Health. Here in Efrat we will be adhering strictly to these new guidelines.


The guidelines for minyanim are:


A prayer group of up to 19 people may meet in an open space (not within a shul).


We emphasize that if more than 19 people join the minyan it must be split into two minyanim. A distance must be maintained between the two minyanim. 


A distance of 2 meters between people must be maintained. 


Everyone must wear a mask (even the Ba’al Tefila, as much as he is able).


Reading Torah: Torah should only be read from a Tanach, since it is not honorable to read from a Sefer Torah outside. One can read the parsha and haftarah from the Tanach without reciting the brachot. 


It is recommended that people over the age of 67 continue to pray by themselves.


Additional guidelines for religious observance:


Weddings and Brit Milah can include up to 10 people in an open space.


Funeral services can include up to 20 people in an open space.


The women's mikvahs will continue to operate - women should make an appointment in advance, and do all the preparations at home.


 The men's mikvahs in Efrat will remain closed.


· In order to open a marriage case, you must make an appointment by calling 02-9933120.


May we merit to go from redemption to redemption, and in the near future may we completely conquer the Coronavirus.


HaRav Shlomo Riskin, Mara D'atra

HaRAv Eytan Weisz, Secretary of the Religious Council