Update for Monday April 6th at 3 p.m

Dear Residents,

At this time, there are 44 cases in Efrat.
We are thrilled to report that the number of recovered patients is up to 18.
As we reported yesterday there remains a small number of new patients who have been in isolation since returning from abroad.

We urge everyone to please stay at home! Do not go more than 100 meters from your home except for vital reasons which are in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.
The Israeli Police are enforcing the rules in this area, and their enforcement will continue through Pesach. Violators will be penalized.

Please remember that Pesach should only be celebrated with people in your household. Do not invite additional guests, and do not visit others.
If we adhere strictly to the guidelines we can beat this virus! We understand how difficult it is to prepare for Pesach under these circumstances, but we must be disciplined in our fight against Corona.

The council's employees are working day and night to provide services to residents during this time.
Garbage removal on Erev Pesach:
On Tuesday, April 7th, the garbage will be emptied twice; during the day as usual, again beginning at 2am until the evening.
Please be sure to put the garbage in the proper containers!
Branches and scrap can only be put out until tonight (Monday).

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, no branches and garden clippings can be put out until after Pesach.

Burning the Chametz - This year there will be no communal chametz burnings. Special guidelines for this year can be found on the Council website.
Please do not throw chametz into the toilets, as this will cause backups and blockages.

Please fill out the attached forms if you need help preparing for Pesach, or if you would like to volunteer to help others. The Social Services Division, Youth Department, and Senior Division  will connect volunteers with those who need them.

All the information and publications about Corona can be found on the Council’s website, as well as suggestions for a variety of activities, programs and digital performances.

If we follow the instructions and the guidelines we are sure to succeed!

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team