Announcement of Safety Improvements on Matityahu HaCohen 

The Ministry of Construction and Housing will soon begin work on Matityahu Hacohen Street.

The works include:

 - Making a separation between lanes

 - Reshaping the intersection of Matityahu HaCohen and Pitum HaKetoret

 - Narrowing and widening existing sidewalks

 - Laying asphalt 

The work will begin on June 6, 2121 and will last about 8 months. Traffic patterns will be changed as needed, and there may be some disruptions to traffic as the project progresses.

The contractor has been instructed not to disrupt traffic until 08:30 when morning school transportation is complete. 

This work is another step in improving safety and reducing the speed of travel on Matityahu HaCohen.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

The Council is here for you! You can always call the at Moked- 106, 1-700-70-5000, or 5436 *