GOLDZ - ninja and fitness complex.

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Yosef Chaim grew up in Bat Ayin, the second son of a family of 8 children. As a teenager he was labeled "youth at risk". He decided to change the direction of his life, took a fitness instructor course and did everything he could to be accepted into an elite unit in the IDF and serve a meaningful service.

Yosef did indeed make it to the elite Yahalom unit and served as an outstanding fighter.

When he was released from the army, he opened a small gym in Bat Ayin where he specialized in training seniors and helping people build a healthy lifestyle.

After over two years of in depth research and training, he decided to open the first Ninja Institute in Gush Etzion in Efrat. His goal was to create a unique space that combines a gym and a studio for women and teens at the highest fitness level.

He works with educational institutions, youth divisions, and of course the residents of Efrat and Gush Etzion. The Goldz gym is run professionally with a focus on health and fitness and in a short time Goldz became an integral part of the lives of many people, children and adults alike.

About six months ago Yosef Chaim had a serious motorcycle accident. Thanks to many miracles and prayers he is currently in advanced stages of rehabilitation.

His family has taken responsibility for the institute and is promoting and developing the place until Yosef Chaim returns be'ezrat hashem soon!

Yosef Chaim created a place where everyone - especially children and teenagers - can use their abilities and feel successful, loved, and valuable.

You are invited to join the Goldz family, a warm and safe place for everyone