Don't touch a suspicious object!

Don't touch a suspicious object!

Last Thursday, an explosive device was discovered on a bus that entered Beitar. Luckily the event ended with no casualties. Last night the IDF spokesman announced the capture of all those involved.

In these tense days there are several important rules to remember.

Throughout the year, Efrat's security team carries out exercises and procedures designed to keep the residents of Efrat safe.

As part of these procedures, every bus entering Efrat is checked by the security guard at the entrance.

If you see a suspicious person/object during the trip, call Efrat's security hotline and file a report.

Did you see a suspicious object? Step away and report it to Moked

Every day the call center receives inquiries about suspicious objects - forgotten bags, garbage bags that were not placed in the trash, etc.

We treat every report with the utmost seriousness and upon receiving the report, a patrol car and a police car are dispatched to the scene.

Such an event can end within minutes or develop into the closure of the area, in which case a message will be issued through our social media .

If you have a suspicion don't hesitate to report it - that's what we're here for!

Efrat's security hotline *5436

anytime from anywhere

Wishing all of us peaceful days