Update for Monday,December 28th at 16:30


Dear Residents,

There are currently 80 verified patients in Efrat divided among 47 families.

This morning we learned of 7 new patients. All patients were investigated and schools and private contacts were notified.

This morning, the Ministry of Health updated the traffic light plan in accordance with the new morbidity data. Efrat was defined as red, and we are included on a long list of red cities.

With this update, it was determined that 51% of residents in Israel live in orange or red cities.

Being red affects the education system, especially students in grades 5-12, as it determines if in-person lessons can be conducted.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 29, grades 5-12 will learn remotely.

Students who attend educational institutions in Gush Etzion will continue to study as usual, in accordance with the curriculum set by the schools, since Gush Etzion is currently a yellow city.

Maonot, ganim, grades 1-4, and all special education classes will operate as usual, including transportation and after school programs.

At the end of the week, the national data will be reexamined to determine the traffic light color for next week.

We follow the publications and guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Health, and we will update you accordingly.