Update for Wednesday, November 25 at 17:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 5 verified patients in Efrat. We have not seen any new cases in the past 2 days.

Yesterday Efrat schools welcomed back the 5th and 6th graders, and we are waiting for the return of the upper grades. We are pleased to report that attendance in all classes has been almost full.

The following is a list of school days in the various schools, the detailed schedules were sent to the students and parents:

Aseh Chayil -
Grades 1-4 will have in-school learning 5 days a week
Grades 5-6 will have in-school learning 4 days a week, and one day of remote learning

Orot Etzion Boys-
4th Grade will have 4 days of learning a week
Grades 5-6 will have 3 days of learning a week 

Orot Etzion Girls-
4th Grade has 5 days in school and 1 day remotely
5th Grade has 4 days in school and 2 days remotely
6th Grade has 3 days in school and 3 days remotely

Orot Etzion Chativa Tzeira-
Grades 1-3 have 6 days of in school learning

Alumim School (Mishalev) in Tamar -
Grades 1-4 have 6 days of in school learning
Grades 5-6 have 5 days of in school learning

Mamad in Tamar-
Grades 1-6 have 5 days of in school learning

Special education classes are continuing with their regular schedules.

The transportation system has been adjusted to the days and times of all schools.
Attached is the transportation schedule for Sundays-Thursdays and Fridays, please note the changes in hours and routes:


The Matnas Tzaharonim that opened yesterday are:
Alumim School (mishalev) in Tamar - tzaharon for grades א1 and ב1.
Tamar School - Tzaharon for grades ב1 and ב2

Tomorrow, Thursday, the following tzaharonim will open: Aseh Chayil א1, Mamad א2.
The Matnas needs Madrichim for Tzaharon.
For inquiries: edu@efratmatnas.co.il

Tomorrow, Thursday, the Corona testing center in Efrat will open at the Mateh Noar from 14:00-19:00.
There is no need for an appointment or a referral. You must bring your teudat zehut.
We encourage everyone to get tested and protect our city!

Wishing all students a safe and happy return,
We'll continue to update,
The Information Team