New Patient Update, Friday September 11th at 17:00

New Patient Update, Friday September 11th at 17:00


Dear Residents,


A resident of the Zayit neighborhood was diagnosed with Corona a few hours ago.

Here is the resident’s route that concerns the public:


The resident travels regularly on the 367 from Efrat to Jerusalem at 6:40, and returns from Jerusalem to Efrat at 14:45.

Last night (September 10th) she took the 377 from Efrat to Talpiot at 20:10.

She wore a mask during all of these trips.


Unfortunately, because she takes busses so frequently, the resident does not remember where exactly she sat on each trip.


Those who traveled on the busses mentioned from Thursday, September 3rd are asked to enter into isolation and to contact the Ministry of Health at 5400 * to verify the specific guidelines that pertain to them individually.


We wish a complete recovery to all patients,

We will continue to update,

Shabbat Shalom