Daily Update for Monday, October 19th at 18:30


Dear Residents,

Today Efrat regained its green status! There are currently 23 patients, 8 of whom are soldiers.

We reiterate that only by following the guidelines and avoiding crowds can we maintain our “green” status and develop a routine during the corona era.

Today, 30 ganim and 7 tzaharonim opened.

This morning Beitar was declared orange, but as of now, the movement restrictions have not yet been lifted. This means that the assistants and teachers have not yet been approved to leave Beitar for work in Efrat.

Throughout the day, the workers of the Education Department and the Matnas have been busy finding staffing solutions for all the ganim, since 60% of the assistants are from red cities.

We are happy to report that solutions have now been found for all the ganim in Efrat!

Tzaharon Gan Shikma will operate, increasing the number of operational tzaharonim to 8.

We ask you to come and get tested tomorrow and Wednesday at the testing center of the Home Front Command.

Details are in the first comment.

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team