Update for Wednesday November 4th at 16:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 5 verified patients in Efrat from 5 different families.

Over the course of the day we learned of 2 new patients who did not have any public contacts. Private contacts have been updated.

We are preparing to reinstate the student transportation system beginning on Sunday, November 8, in accordance with the procedures of the Ministry of Education for gainm, mechinot, and students in grades 1-4 in Efrat. The bussing for special education students will continue to operate as usual. The specifics of the bussing will be published later.

Although we will make sure that the transportation system will operate according to the guidelines of the Ministries of Education and Health, it is important to explain that in closed spaces such as busses, there is still a danger of infection and the need to go into isolation.

If your child takes the bus, please encourage him/her to sit in a permanent seat and wear a mask while riding.

We continue to ask everyone to get tested at the Home Front Command testing center.

You can find testing center locations at the link: https://www.oref.org.il/12605-17147-he/Pakar.aspx

You can also get tested at your kuppat cholim. Referrals are not required, but you must make an appointment in advance.

Please note - proactive testing does not require you to go into isolation unless you test positive.

Getting tested protects you, your family, and everyone around you. The rate of testing will allow us to keep Efrat green and help protect our community.

Synagogues: Despite the winter weather - prayer is still limited to 10 people inside the building. In open space up to 20 people are permitted.

We are closely following the decisions of the Corona Cabinet and we will continue to update you as things change.

Wishing you a healthy winter,

The Public Information Team