To the Women of Efrat:

We are currently in a situation that poses a danger to human life and following the many questions I have received from women regarding dunking in the Mikva, it is important for me to share with you what is happening with regards to the Efrat Mikvaot.

The head Balanit (Mikva attendant), Rabbanit Sara Nachshon, together with the other balaniyot, are working tirelessly and with real precision with regards to Halacha and hygiene and they are doing everything for the sake of the health of the women who come to use the Mikva.

From a Halachic perspective, there is no substitute for dunking in a pure Mikva, ocean or natural spring.

The water in the Mikva is being sterilized with the correct amount of chlorine.

There is real stringency in the Mikvaot with regards to the Ministry of Health’s procedures to clean and sterilize continuously between each woman who uses the Mikva.

As has been advertised in the past, every woman who goes to the Mikva has to do all of her preparations at home and should only arrive at the Mikva for the purpose of dunking. Only the woman dunking and the Balanit will be alone together in the same room.

Obviously, any woman who is supposed to be in quarantine, has returned from abroad or doesn’t feel well, is prohibited from coming to and dunking in the Mikva.


HaRav Shlomo Riskin

Mara D’Atra