We are living in a complicated time, and even though we are preparing for Pesach, we must continue to abide by the Ministry of Health's guidelines.

Cleanliness - Every year we collect huge amounts of trash and scrap around Efrat. This year we ask that you avoid throwing out household items that can be stored until we get back to normal.

Selling Chametz - According to the ruling of Rabbi Riskin, this year the sale of chametz can be conducted over the phone by calling the shul Gabai or a representative of the religious council.
Alternatively, you can also make the sale via email or fax. The forms for selling chametz appear on the council's website.

Hagalat Kelim - In light of the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Israel Police, we will not be able to hold a public hagalat kelim as we do every year. On the council's website you can find all the halachot and an explanatory video to help you do it at home by yourself.
On the site you will also find the names and phones of rabbis who are available for halachic advice.

Bi’ur Chametz - This year we will not hold communal chametz burnings. Rabbi Riskin has ruled that you should pour bleach on the chametz that you are throwing out so that even a dog won’t want to eat it, and then you should throw it out in the public garbage bins.
Anyone who wants to do bi’ur chametz by burning the chametz can burn their chametz (very carefully) on their porch or in their garden, in the grill or in a disposable aluminum pan.

We are aware of the mental challenges and general difficulties that this period creates, but we are confident that we will get through it successfully with strict adherence to the guidelines and rules.

We wish you and your family a kosher and happy holiday,
Wishing you health and a quick return to routine,

The Public Information Team