The Educational Psychological Services of Efrat invite you, the parents, to watch a short video about coping during periods of Quarantine (courtesy of Shapach Kiryat Bialik). We have translated the text of the video here, a link to the video is at the end 

The period of the Corona lockdown is challenging for all of us:

Concerns about health and finances

Physical distance from family and friends

Uncertainty about the future

Our daily routines have been disrupted.

For you as parents, there is also the challenge of staying at home with your children for an extended period of time.

Naturally, this situation brings up many negative feelings:

Anxiety, Stress, Helplessness, Frustration, Anger, Dismay.

So do can we do?

How can we maintain our resilience and ability to cope during this time?


Here are 10 recommendations that can help:

1.Facing the uncertainty outside, turn your home into an island of certainty, try to create a set daily routine that will give a sense of Stabiity, Confidence, and Consistency.

2.Set up responsibilities and tasks for everyone at home, including the kids! A child that has responsibilities will feel more capable.

3.Give your children accurate information about the situation:

In a relaxed manner, without drama or extraeneous details, in an age-appropriate fashion.

The general message:

It is difficult and somewhat scary. We will cope together. In the end, this too shall pass, and we will overcome!

4.Keep open lines of communication between the members of your family:

Encourage self expression, sharing, and listening

Solve conflicts after everyone has calmed down

If you feel anxious or stressed, take a deep breath or have a quiet moment for yourself before you react.

5. Keep up with your and your children's' social connections so that the lockdown doesn’t turn into loneliness.

6. Try to keep up with good nutrition and physical activity even during the lockdown:

Healthy Body= Healthy Mind!

7.Take advantage of your free time to engage in activities that you love, that you don’t usually find the time to do.

8. Try to limit the amount of time you spend watching the News-

Excess exposure to the News can increase your anxiety.

9. Be forgiving! To yourself and to your family members.

The situation is not simple, and everyone is doing their best. It is Ok to make mistakes!

10. Remember, you are not alone!

The staff of the Educational Psychological Services of Efrat are here for you. Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help: 02-9939333