A Change in the Security Arrangements for Kindergartens in Efrat

A Change in the Security Arrangements for Kindergartens in Efrat


In recent years, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of residents, as a result of the construction and development in the new neighborhoods (Dagan, Tamar and Zayit).


The presence of security guards for the kindergartens was carried out in accordance with Government Resolution 4514 and the guidelines of the Ministry of Internal Security.  This directive stipulated that only kindergartens secured by funding by the Jewish Agency till the year 2004 would continue to receive a security basket funded by the Ministry of Internal Security and the local municipality. In the year 2019, there were only 6 kindergartens eligible for this security arrangement.


In accordance with the rapid development of Efrat, new educational institutions are being built and many new kindergarten classes are opening that need security provisions.


In the upcoming school year 2019-2020, there will be 13 kindergartens in the Tamar and Dagan neighborhoods, of which 6 will be opening up for the first time. In Efrat there will be a total of 34 kindergarten classes, an agricultural school and the Kasum Kindergarten that need security arrangements.


After discussions and deliberations that we held over the past year on the topic of security for the kindergartens, with representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Israeli police and residents, and after examining all the options available to us, and upon their recommendation, it was decided to change the method of security for the kindergartens.  Security for the kindergartens will be now be carried out by mobile patrol cars (already activated in many cities in the country such as Jerusalem, Modi'in, Ma'aleh Adumin, Kiryat Arba and more). The locations of the kindergartens will be divided into different sections so that better security can be provided for the kindergartens, after-school centers and daycare centers.


The security patrols will be staffed by professional security guards who have been trained by the Israeli Police and Efrat's Security Division. These mobile security vehicles join the overall security system of Efrat, which includes a security center with the most advanced technological systems operated by dedicated staff 24/7 who have undergone special training. The security center is connected to the various security components that already exist in the kindergartens. The three new mobile vehicles join the security vehicles already operational in Efrat that provide a first response to all events and information reported  to the security center.  



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